By Colleen Bingham, M.Ed.

We are now able to offer clients biofeedback for stress and anxiety reduction.  For over 30 years biofeedback has been a valuable (invaluable) tool for teaching relaxation, an essential skill in dealing with stress related symptoms (disorders) as well as panic attacks, performance anxiety and phobias.

Although we are born with the ability to calm down and deeply relax the widespread stress and tension evident in our society today means that deep relaxation is something we have to re-learn.

Biofeedback enables us to detect and amplify internal signal of stress in our body.  When we are able to detect even subtle changes in physiology then we can begin to modify our responses.  Biofeedback allows us to know immediately if those modifications have had the desired effect of increased relaxation.

Mastery of deep relaxation can lead to reduction of generalized anxiety; prevention of stress build up and prevention and reduction of stress-related disorders such as hypertension, migraines, headaches, asthma, ulcers and so on; increased energy level and productivity; improved concentration and memory; reduction of insomnia and fatigue; establishing greater control over mind-body interaction – promotes a sense of wellness; decrease dependence on medication.

Learning to control arousal levels can be a critical step in facilitating ongoing cognitive behavioural therapy.  For more information, or to refer a client (patient), please contact us.

Colleen Bingham is a clinical psychotherapist with Goldstein, Moncion, Greenbaum and Associates.  She works with families, individuals and groups with such issues as stress management, time management and achieving balance in life.  She is an effective and enthusiastic speaker and workshop organizer and has facilitated stress management groups.  Colleen has worked with the schools and school boards, government, and local organization and has attended advanced workshops on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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