Our Team

Yaffa Greenbaum

M.S.W., R.S.W.

Yaffa is a partner and therapist in Goldstein, Moncion, Greenbaum & Associates.  She is responsible for individual, marital and family therapy specializing in treatment of adult survivors of sexual abuse, addictions and dysfunctional families.  She also provides intensive treatment of clients with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Yaffa also has expertise in the areas of sexual dysfunction, eating disorders and sexual orientation issues.  She has developed self-esteem groups for women including groups for women in recovery and Adult Children of Alcoholics.  Yaffa offers a therapeutic group for incest survivors and a group for parents in recovery from addictions.  She is a liaison to community agencies and hospitals around family violence and addiction issues.

Prior to establishing her practice, Goldstein, Moncion, Greenbaum & Associates, Yaffa was a therapist with Pulvermacher Stevens from August 1989 until June 1996.  Concurrently, from March 1986 until May 1991 she was on staff at the Royal Ottawa Hospital as a member of the Addiction and Drug Treatment team where she coordinated an intensive group therapy program for family members living with addiction.  Yaffa was responsible for psychological assessment, treatment and long-term follow-up of clients.  She also facilitated lectures to patients in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

While at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, Yaffa initiated research on recovering alcoholics with histories of childhood sexual abuse.  The research was to determine whether group treatment would aid clients in their ongoing sobriety.

Yaffa collaborated with Children’s Services to develop parenting groups for parents or partners in recovery.  As well, she co-authored a research proposal to demonstrate the link between parental alcoholism and the child’s presenting issue.  Yaffa presented papers at Grand Rounds, Hospital Research Days and Addictions upgrading courses for physicians.  She also supervised Masters level Social Work students.

While on staff at the Ottawa General Hospital from March 1982 until March 1986, Yaffa facilitated the development and assumed the role of chairperson of the Hospital Social Workers Committee on Family Violence.  She initiated a liaison with other hospital and health care agencies to evaluate services to battered women in Ottawa resulting in the development of a protocol for emergency room treatment of family violence still in current use.

Yaffa has designed and organized training and educational workshops on family violence, addictions and child abuse.  She was a representative on the Mayor’s Task Force on Wife Assault and a member of the Regional Coordinating Committee of Family Violence.